An easy to use, fully customizable stock ticker.

Welcome to the main website for EasyQuote, an easy to use, fully customizable stock ticker. With this script, you can easily display stock quotes for which ever stocks you like, and display them exactly how you want.

I have developed an extremely easy to use stock ticker, which has the following features:

1. Enable or disable, and if disabled display a message.
2. Easily manage all the stocks you would like to display.
3. Different "views". This means that you can either display a limited amount of information for each stock (Last Price and Change) or you can display a large amount of information.
4. Easily change various other features. Basically everything is customizable.

Everything is managed within the config file, so it's really easy to change all the settings, even if you know nothing about PHP, or any programming language for that matter.

EasyQuote is a stock ticker. It will retrieve any stock you want. It has a config file, so you can easily edit all the settings.
No PHP knowledge is required.

With EasyQuote, you don't need any programming knowledge. Everything in the config file is described in detail, and you should have no problem setting the script up exactly how you want it.

How much?
There are two types of liscences you can purchase:

Personal: The personal liscence is for websites that are non-profit.
Commercial: The commercial liscence is for website companies that use the script for profit.

You can purchase EasyQuote here.

In this specific script's settings, the "View" preference is set to limited. This means that it will only show limited information for each quote. For descriptive view, there is a long list of items that are added.

Symbol: GOOG
Last Price: $
Symbol: XLE
Last Price: $
Symbol: EBAY
Last Price: $
Symbol: MSFT
Last Price: $

           Above is a real, working example.

Images: Config File | Descriptive View
Questions/Comments? Feel free to e-mail me at natural mystic at gmail dot com.
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